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Architectural Fees
What does an architect charge for a set of plans?

When a prospective client approaches an architect with a building project, this is usually one of the first questions asked. There needs to be an understanding about architectural fees from the very beginning.

Fees are for a service, not a set of drawings

You can buy plans already drawn for a minimum charge. However, most clients are not content with standard plans and desire modifications or changes. It is important to remember that "Good Design Takes Time".

Fees include:
  • Time spent solving the architectural problems and to do a creditable job, the architect needs time to devote to his client and time to figure out the best possible plan for that client.
  • Meeting with the client and documenting the solution.

Time is what the owner is buying from the architect, along with his professional ability, his creativity and his talent.

How does BSA charge?

Because we tailor our services to each project, BSA does not have set prices. There are averages and ranges, but also exceptions. After discussing your needs, the Architect will lay out possible fees with you for your consideration. All services are subject to Client approval and written contract.

We have several types of fee structures:

  • Cost per Square Foot and Flat Fee: Fee is dependent on square footage of the project.

  • Percentage Fee: Fee is based on a percentage of the accepted bid for Construction.

  • Hourly Fee: Fee is based on the number of hours put into the job. Some of the projects have maximum fees that we agree not to exceed.

By David D. Red, AIA, Architect
January 15, 1987

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